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A Personalized 12 Week Nutrition & Fitness Program 

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It's time to finally make the changes you've been thinking about.

Lose the weight for good.

Improve your health.

Increase your energy.

Feel more comfortable & confident.

Reduce your risk on chronic diseases. 

Develop healthy habits.

I know where you can be in 12 weeks, and I want that for you. 

Let's Go!


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Program Features

Biweekly 1 on 1 Nutrition & Wellness Zoom Calls with a Dietitian

We'll talk through your challenges, pinpoint your goals, and come up with a personalized plan just for you

Consult with Personal Trainer & Personalized Workout Plan

We'll discuss your preferences, experience and time constraints to develop a customized exercise regimen that's easy to follow

Weekly "Ask Anything" Zoom Calls with a Dietitian & Trainer

Weekly check-in calls to answer  all of your nutrition and fitness questions and keep you on track 


Lifetime Access to my Happy Healthy Habits Course

Learn how to quickly create long term habits and break bad patterns, ensuring you'll get lasting results

And Much More!



  • Learn how to choose the right foods for yourself and make balanced satisfying meals that keep you full for hours with my Big 3 Formula

  • Understand the connection between blood sugar and weight gain

  • Find out what, how, and when you should be eating to optimize your metabolism and your health

  • Discover which vitamins, minerals, and other supplements you can take to support weight loss

  • Learn tips, tricks, and lifestyle hacks to boost your energy and help you lose weight



  • Receive a customized comprehensive workout plan designed to help you quickly reach your health and fitness goals

  • Learn the right types of exercise for your body

  • Find out how often and how long you should work out 

  • Discover new types of exercise based on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. 

  • Weekly support from a Certified Personal Trainer to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Get my "5 & 15 Minute Fun Fat Burning Workouts Guide" so you can fit in exercise even on your busiest days

Weight Loss & Wellness (2).png

Here's What's Included:

Personalized Support from a Licensed Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer

  • Biweekly 1:1 Zoom calls with a Dietitian (me!) for support, accountability, and guidance ($1,597 value)

  • Weekly "Ask Anything" Zoom calls with a Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer ($2,497 value)

  • 1:1 consult with Personal Trainer & a customized workout regimen tailored to your specific goals ($297 value)

My Signature Course  

  • Lifetime access to Happy Healthy Habits Course so you can quickly build healthy habits and break bad ones ($297 value)

Apps & Platforms

  • Premium Food & Mood log to help you stay mindful about what you're eating and how you're feeling ($147 value)

  • Premium fitness platform to keep track of your workouts & message your trainer ($147 value)

  • Premium lifestyle log to track water, sleep, and exercise ($97 value)


  • Big 3 Formula for Balanced Blood Sugar Guide ($47 value)

  • Grocery Shopping Checklist ($27 value)

  • 20 Minute Mouthwatering Meals ($27 value)

  • 5 & 15 Minute Fun Fat Burning Workouts so you can fit exercise in on even your busiest days ($47 value)


  • Personalized feedback on all your meals and snacks and recommendations for healthy swaps ($297 value)

  • Unlimited private messaging with me during the program to keep you on track, provide recommendations, and answer questions ($597 value)

  • Delicious Breakfasts on the Double ($27 value)

  • Hasty Tasty Lunches ($27 value)

Total Value: $6,177

Price: $1,997 (or 3 payments of $667)




Money Back Guarantee 

  • If you aren’t happy with your progress at the end of the program, you’ll get a full refund.

Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plans, Weekly Accountability & Support,
Expert Guidance and Advice


  • How is this different from other weight loss/wellness programs?

    • This program is specifically customized to you, so that you reach your goals. ​You're not getting a "one-size-fits-all" meal plan or workout routine, or prerecorded videos. You're getting a nutrition and exercise plan custom tailored to you, and live calls with experts every week to keep you on track and moving in the right direction. 

  • Is there a specific diet I'll need to follow?

    • Nope! This program is totally personalized to you. After working with hundreds of clients as a dietitian and health coach, I've seen people lose weight following various types of diets. My Big 3 Formula for meals and snacks works with every diet from Keto to Vegan. If you have specific food preferences, or dietary restrictions we'll factor that in and design a diet plan that's right for you.​

  • What type of exercise will I do, and how often will I need to exercise?

    • You'll have a private consultation with a certified personal trainer to discuss your goals, experience, likes/dislikes, past injuries etc, so he can create a customized workout regimen just for you. ​Hate running? No problem. Only have 20 minutes a day to exercise? We got your back. Remember this program is personalized, so we'll make sure it works for you. 

  • What's the deal with the money back guarantee?

    • Here are the 3 simple criteria you need in order to qualify for the money back guarantee:

      • Pay the program price in full (as opposed to the payment plan)

      • Attend our biweekly calls

      • Submit the few small homework assignments​ 

    • I'm confident that if you commit and have skin in the game by paying upfront, show up for our calls, and do the homework assignments (no more than 10-15 mins each)​ you'll get great results. If you don't, you get your money back. It's that simple.

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