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You CAN reach your goals and I'll be here to support you every step of the way!

Together we can determine which foods are best for your body and lifestyle, and create long term healthy habits, so you can achieve your wellness goals.

Improving your health is NOT about willpower. If you’ve tried and failed to establish a healthy routine in the past, please know it’s not your fault.  Making long term changes requires building good habits. Habits are actions you do automatically so there is no motivation or willpower required. Good habits are what you need to reach your goals. Good habits are what shape your behavior and change your life. 


Forming healthy habits and sticking with them is simple when you understand the science. Leveraging my background in Neuroscience and Nutrition, and my work with hundreds of clients as a Dietitian and Health Coach, I've developed a framework for efficiently creating lasting healthy habits called The Four E's.  This framework incorporates the latest research on behavior change, and will help you quickly build the habits you want so you can achieve long term success.

All packages include one-on-one virtual consultations, unlimited private messaging through a secure app anytime you have questions or need support, my Happy Healthy Habits Course (a step-by-step guide that walks you through the Four E's framework), premium food and lifestyle journal to keep you accountable, customized recipes and recommendations according to your preferences and needs, and 15% off medical grade supplements. During our sessions we’ll dive into your wellness goals, health history, preferences, and lifestyle to design a nutrition plan that is uniquely tailored to you.  Learn how eat to support your body, mind and lifestyle, and how to create lasting healthy habits!

What You Can Expect

1-1 consultations via Zoom or phone to address your specific needs

Unlimited private messaging between consults for questions, guidance, or support

Personalized recipes and weekly feedback on your food log

My proven framework for efficiently creating long term habits, The Four E's

Workbooks, guides, and other tools to support you on your journey

Premium Nutrition Coaching 

What if you could

feel more comfortable and confident,

have more energy,

and improve your overall health?

Evidence-based approaches, accountability, and guidance to help you reach your goals

Medical-grade supplement recommendations

+ 15% off all supplements

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