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Eating Well and Improving Your Health are NOT About Willpower.


Hi There!

I'm Rebecca

I help clients develop long-term healthy habits so they can reach their weight loss and wellness goals.

If you’ve tried and failed to create a healthy routine in the past, please know it’s not your fault!


Creating healthy habits and sticking with them is simple when you understand the science.


Leveraging my background in Neuroscience and Nutrition, I develop personalized plans for all my clients that incorporate the latest research on both diet and behavior change. Let me help you lose the weight for good, and finally reach your goals.



Rebecca is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in weight loss and habit formation. With degrees in both Neuroscience and Nutrition, Rebecca helps her clients determine best foods for their bodies, and helps them develop lasting healthy habits so they can achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.

Rebecca develops customized plans for each client based on their unique biochemistry, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. She uses evidence-based nutrition interventions, and applies techniques from the latest research to help clients create long term healthy habits.  Rebecca's approach includes education, guidance, and accountability to promote powerful yet practical changes. Rebecca teaches clients how to eat in a way that improves both their physical and emotional health, and also helps clients develop positive relationships with food and their bodies. By working with Rebecca, clients will feel more comfortable and confident knowing how to make the best choices for themselves, and how to easily course-correct when they’ve gotten off track. 

Rebecca loves cooking and baking and believes that good health starts in the kitchen. She focuses on easy, plant-centered, nutrient-dense recipes that the whole family will enjoy. 

Before starting her nutrition practice, Rebecca spent over 5 years in the precision medicine industry managing the development of cancer immunotherapies and genetic therapies for rare diseases. 

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  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, State of Florida

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist®, American Nutrition Association

  • Tulane University, Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, 2010

  • University of New England, Master of Science in Applied Nutrition, 2018


Nutrition Counseling for

  • Weight Loss

  • Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Disease

  • Prediabetes/Hypertension/Hyperlipidemia

Let's Create The 

Happiest & Healthiest You!


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Carol, 65

Carol, 65

Joni, 39

Joni, 39

Jennifer, 34

I can't thank you enough for all if your advice, guidance and support. Like I've said before, I was just going to accept being overweight, probably for the rest if my life. But you have shown me that I can lose the weight and I can keep myself at a healthy weight, and, most importantly, it's really not all that difficult to do.

Michelle, 47

You have no idea how I have struggled with weight loss in the past. I just dropped another pound, and I’ve lost 11 in total. I am so thrilled!

Carol, 65

I am amazed that I'm ending this year 35 pounds lighter! At the end of last year, I was almost convinced I was just meant to be heavy. I am so glad I decided to work with you and chose to believe!

Jennifer, 34

I know this is your job, but I want to thank you for taking the time to help me through this journey. You really do make a difference.

Joni, 39

Working with you has made such a positive impact on my life. I am so very grateful for the awesome support you have given me. Thank you!

Jess, 41







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